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The research center for promoting the development of an knowledge base related to the oceans

Our Center was set up as one of the YNU's cross-departmental organization, integrating humanities and sciences.
We endeavor to collaborate involvement of national and local government, various institutions, various industries, civil organizations, and so on; in order to cope the problems comprehensively with various marine-related special knowledges corresponding to the Basic Act and Plan on Ocean Policy era.

Center for Oceanic Studies and Integrated Education (June, 2007 ~ March, 2018)

The Center for Oceanic Studies and Integrated Education (COSIE) was established in June, 2007, as an educational and research center for promoting the development of an integrated knowledge base encompassing science, technology, law and administration related to the oceans.

Japan ranks sixth in the world in the total area of its territorial waters and its Exclusive Economic Zone. To ensure the effective and sustainable use of these ocean resources, and their environmental conservation, we need to create integrated management system of them. The promulgation of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy in April, 2007, underlined the urgency of integrating our management of ocean waters and the capacity building with adequately qualified personnel to assume this mission. To manage and resolve the wide-ranging environmental issues as well as the social, economic, and industrial problems related to the oceans, interdisciplinary education is essential. The objectives of this project are to develop an educational curriculum aimed at cultivating an integrated knowledge base in the disciplines of science, technology, law and policy that relate to the ocean, and to promote the development of professionals able to make contributions to integrated oceanic management and the promotion of maritime industries. This program will be open to graduate students of all faculties as well as to external audience.

In April, 2018, COSIE has been renewed as The Research Center of Intgrated Ocean and Coastal Management Studies.

International Workshop on Environmentally Friendly Ships

The International workshop was held in Yokohama National University on March 4 2015 with many attendees from abroad and inside of Japan. The key topic was “minimum propulsion power for maintaining manoeuvrability of ships in adverse sea conditions in light of requirement on energy efficiency of ships (EEDI)”. Following files contain the materials presented at the workshop.

YNU-IWS program and presentation 1 2 3 4.pdf

YNU-IWS presentation 5 6 7 Panel.pdf




Office for COSIE